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Hindustan Petroleum or HP gas as it is known among LPG consumers is one of the most popular brands that offer LPG cylinders across the country. LPG is now better as it is often less expensive than natural gas. LPG is better when it comes to availability and portability. LPG is also better, with a higher energy content. Finally, LPG is better because you can get it virtually everywhere.

Booking New Connection


How to get a New Connection?

The nearest HP GAS distributor may be approached for a new Gas connection. Alternately you may book for new HP GAS connection online . Details of cost of New Connection with Double Bottle Cylinder (DBC) (two cylinders and one regulator) along with cost of LPG is given below:

  • Refundable Deposit for Two Cylinders at Rs. 1450/ - each = Rs. 2,900/-
  • Regulator Price -(Refundable Deposit for One Regulator) at Rs. 150/- = Rs. 150/-
  • *(For North Eastern States/UT Refundable Deposit for each cylinder is Rs.1150/-)
  • Cost of Two Refills - Present price according to your area as applicable
  • Cost of hotplate/stove and Suraksha Hose (rubber tube) will be extra
Mechanic Request

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